Consultant engaged to facilitate development of Wetland Management Plan


I was engaged to help draft the Wetland Management Plan and my first meeting with members of the Yatco Wetland Landcare Group was at nearby Banrock Station where the idea for re-introducing wetting and drying at Yatco lagoon was inspired.  The recovery of that site following wetting and drying being re-introduced was quite remarkable - follow this link (click here).


My first impression of the Yatco mob was here was a group of really switched on landholders who had seen both the writing on the wall in terms of needing to improve their access to better quality water, but they could also see the win-win opportunity on offer.


As we worked through the planning process the group became more confident and began to 'own' their plan.  As more funds were sourced to do the modelling to determine the prospective water savings, and to then look at issues of carp control and native fish conservation, the group got more and more engaged. 


The completion of the plan, with its monitoring elements was a key milestone and allowed the group to start getting hands-on involvements with seeing the results of their labours through regular surveys, photopoint recording and transects. The support of the Local Action Planning Group and the South Australian Murray-Darling NRM Board was very important to help connect the plan with the reality of the site through this monitoring.


The announcement in October 2007 that the group was to receive $3.3m to allow full implementation of the plan was met with celebrations, and rightly so!.  It's regrettable that that promise has not yet been realised by successive governments both Federal and State.  


In 2008 Bill Phillips established the not-for-profit organisation Riversmart Australia Ltd...go to to find out more.