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Project Officer - Wetland Management (Upper Murray) – SA MDBNRM Board

Interview: 26th July 2011


Callie Nickolai helped to develop a wetland monitoring program for the Yatco wetland in 2007. She is now preparing a report summarising the trends in seven parameters during the period from July 2007 to June 2011.  See more on the monitoring program here.


Callie noted that the community monitoring days have helped to create a social occasion for the community members that may have contributed to group cohesion.


She acknowledged Jeff and Sheridan as key drivers and Vicki and Brenton as strong supporters. A key factor in the group’s success has been the sharing of responsibilities including Trevor as co-chair and spokesperson during the period when wetland drying and the drought were becoming negative events in the region. Sheridan’s involvement on the NRM Board has enabled information to flow to the community that has provided a calming influence.


Importantly, there is a Management Plan and a vision for the wetland, and the community was consulted frequently during the development of the plan. Local sponsorship (Nippys and Banrock Station) also helped to encourage the community to maintain momentum.


The Tax Deductible Gift Recipient status of the Loxton to Bookpurnong LAP may also facilitate contributions from other corporate donors.