Landcare group members

Jeff Drogemuller (Co-chair)

and winner of 2012 Volunteer Award of the South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resource Management Board


Trevor Norton (Co-chair)


Sheridan Alm and children


Ken and Vickie Johnson


Peter George


Peter Stivahtaris


Shane and Merv Schulz


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As part of developing this web site, interviews were held with a range of stakeholders involved with this initiative.  Summaries of their recollections and thoughts about the process and were this might lead are provided here.


** Simply click on the photo to go to their individual reflections.** 


Many of the reflections refer to locations around Yatco Lagoon and these are shown on the map you'll find through this link (click here).


Thanks to Tony Sharley (Flow On Business) for conducting the interviews and writing up theses important oral history records.


Surrounding landholders and Moorook residents


Leon Stasinowsky


Maria Martin


Brenton Schober


George and Florence Burdon


Jeff and Tina Knispel


Mike Mason






Natural resource managers

Callie Nickolai

Project Officer

Wetland Management (Upper Murray) – SA MDBNRM Board



Jeremy Nelson

Land and Water Management Planning Officer



Photos and info to come








Craig Ferber


Tony Sharley


Bill Phillips




Former Moorook residents and landholders


Yvonne “Johnny” Gurr


Malcolm “Effie” Wachtel