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Yatco in flood - 2011

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The Yatco Wetland Management Plan adopted the Vision described by long-time resident Jeff Drogemuller at one of the first community meetings.

“over the last 15 years we have noticed a sharp decline in tree health , especially the red gums near the main highway and the big lagoon. If wetting and drying can improve the quality of water, reduce carp numbers and encourage tree growth, aquatic plants, encourage more rare birdlife and trigger the cycle of yabbies and native fish breeding, we believe it will make Yatco Lagoon a better place for future generations and possibly restore it to the condition of my great grandfather’s time.”

Consistent with the community-driven nature of this initiative, the Mission statement for the plan is as follows:


To improve the overall health of Yatco Lagoon by reinstating a semi-natural watering regime while also protecting the environmental, social, economic and cultural values of the site.


Drying out 2008


Refilling in 2009




The broad management objectives for Yatco Lagoon are as follows:


Ecological Objectives:


1) Manage the water levels of Yatco Lagoon to maintain and enhance native flora and fauna communities, and reduce the impact of salinity on the wetland.


2) Through these water level manipulations generate water savings that can help with revitalising the adjoining River Murray so it can, in turn, support a broader range of biodiversity being re-established in Yatco Lagoon.


3) Rehabilitate areas of salt scald and salt build-up by encouraging natural regeneration of salt tolerant species.


4) Eradicate or control the abundance of noxious weeds and pest plants, and control vermin and pest animals.


5) Reduce the abundance and impact of introduced fish species in Yatco Lagoon.


6) Increase understanding of surface water and groundwater interactions, and the impact of irrigation on wetland health.


Recreational Objectives:


7) Improve the aesthetic value of the area to encourage the use of Yatco Lagoon for sustainable recreation activities by the local community and visitors.


8) Improve the recreational facilities at Yatco Lagoon, including the possible development of information boards, a viewing area, walking trail, bike trail and bird hides.


Community Involvement Objectives:


9) Maintain and improve on the community capacity to manage the wetland.


10) Improve education and communication with local schools and the community about the management and importance of River Murray wetlands, including Yatco Lagoon.


Operational Objectives:


11) Ensure that implementation of this plan is done in close coordination with the Land and Water Management Plan for the adjoining area.


12) Maintain a strong working relationship with those organisations that assisted with the establishment of the Yatco Wetland Landcare Group and the development of this plan; namely, Banrock Station Wine and Wetlands Centre, Landcare Australia Limited, Nippy’s Fruit Juices, the Loxton to Bookpurnong Local Action Planning group, South Australian Murray-Darling Basin Natural Resources Management Board and the South Australian Department of Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation.


New vegetation on the bed of the wetland (above and below)